Antibiotic Resistance Fate and Transport

Connecting Antimicrobial Resistance, Agricultural Decisions, And Environmental Systems (CAMRADES)

Our project will inform the effectiveness of mitigation strategies in reducing risk to human health in agro-ecosystems by developing an adaptable framework, CAMRADES. We will integrate predictive models of AMR transport and associated risk to human health, and improve stakeholder understanding of AMR, potential risks and mitigation strategies. Our framework integrates detection of antibiotics, AMR genes and indicator organisms and exposure pathways in the environment with hydrologic and water quality monitoring. A key output of this effort will be a predictive model of antibiotic and AMR sources, fate, and transport, which will be integrated with a novel risk assessment


Michelle Soupir, ISU (PI) Daniel Andersen, ISU Diana Aga, University of Buffalo Shannon Bartelt-Hunt (University of Nebraska - Lincoln) Amy Schmidt (University of Nebraska - Lincoln) Bing Wang (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)